“The Rougher The Seas, The Smoother We Sail”

The Captains Reserve

The Captains Reserve is a UK based e-liquid company.  Founded in May 2015 our focus was set on creating excellent flavours, improving the standards of liquid analysis and creating a brand that vapers in Britain would be proud to call their own.  Our products have been tested from day one,  our manufacturing process is consistently kept up to date, and our customers have had their high expectations matched for an ongoing basis.

With a background in gastronomy, flavour development and chemistry our juice makers create some of the most unique and mouth watering e-liquid available in the industry.  Customer service, speed and quality are instrumental to our success.  The Captain’s Reserve is quickly becoming a globally recognised brand, with products in 4 continents within our first year, credit is due to both our outstanding customer base and crew.

A Symbol Of Quality

Our premium e-liquid is hand-crafted and tested in batches.  Only after matching our rigorous standards do we sail them off to authorised distributors around the world.  The Captains Reserve maintain their commitment to provide the highest standard products.

Setting Examples

We see customer service as the most important aspect of a successful business, our highly informed staff are eagerly awaiting your response.  We have a passion for providing industry leading levels of customer service.

Reselling Opportunities

The Captain’s Reserve deliver internationally and have a rapidly growing number of foreign distributers.  We are able to supply bespoke point of sale solutions with a range of purchasing options, with our experience in brand management we will work with you to push your business to new heights.